Mobile World Congress: Let’s look at the Best of the Best

The Mobile World Congress showed off some stunning gizmos that display inventiveness and improvements in technology as it exists and even applying some creativity to ordinary equipments. Some of the best were from the already established big names in the business. Here we put together are top likes from the Mobile World Congress, have a look. 005_MWC2013establishingshots_610x407 The Sony tablet! This device is slim and weighs so less, that it really speaks for portability and 21st Century design. The tablet weighs in at 500grams and is about 7mm. Apart from the fact that the device is all powerful, Sony has incorporated some cool features like its music and film services which are reasonable compared to other competitors. Our Next popular pick is the Firefox OS. The Firefox web browser is got expansion on its cards by enabling it to work on mobiles to be first introduced to the developing countries in the world. This move comes from the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation and its goal is to provide cheap devices using software completely free for manufacturers to utilize. With this on hand, Android is seemingly challenged. It all depends on tact and luring operators. Well, with a noble philosophy driving this one few can argue. The Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest from the Korean giant has managed to grab most of the spotlight and gizmo hum with this latest device. The Company will probably ride this new horse as its flagship for most of the year since no other announcements came around about other products. Having Google on its arm, Samsung can stay loyal to its customers and deliver. This device keeps the basic Samsung look while enhancing everything else. There were many others that caught our attention, but these stood out from the ones that while turning heads and striking at something new, these inventions and developments were formidable.

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