Mobile Ticketing Solution minus the Scanner!

Smartphones are getting smarter every passing day. Combine that with the growing adoption of smartphones among users and you have a paradigm shift. Businesses and users are looking upto the smartphones for offering solutions. One such solution is Mobile Ticketing. Tickets, coupons and vouchers are delivered and processed through mobile phones. This saves whole lot of paper costs and some trees from being cut as the tickets are no longer have to be printed! Enter – a mobile ticketing and coupon company that has patented a cool technology through which mobile tickets and coupons can be distributed and redeemed without the need of scanners. ScreenTicket basically takes SMS to next level with visual elements such as logo, fonts, backgrounds and links. All these things can be configured and controlled through a web-based software. The web-based panel allows marketers to track the mobile distribution and redemption rate in real-time. The marketer can also remotely moderate the tickets and coupons at an individual level with options to revoke and validate. Now, the company behind ScreenTicket has given a social dimension to this “Mobile Ticketing solution”. Marketers or users can create an Event and share the “shortened url” with the users through social applications such as Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. Users then have to just click the link and redeem the mobile tickets. This Mobile Ticket is validated and verified at the event venue without the need of scanners! Someone will visually check and verify the Mobile ticket delivered on the mobile phones, just like someone verifies the ID. In that case, isnt this just a replacement of Machine with human? I guess the selling point here is that the marketers dont have to invest in hardware and the verification is relatively easier! How it works twicketer-step1 twicketer-step2 twicketer-step3 Twicketer – Twicketer is “Mobile Ticketing 2.0”. Twicketer can deliver mobile tickets to over 200 countries via +800 mobile carriers. Twicketer also distributes mobile coupons and mobile vouchers. – ScreenTicket is a mobile coupon and ticketing company, with clients and partners in multiple sectors and regions. We ease expansion into the mobile channel, solve ticketing challenges and provide sustainable solutions. The ScreenTicket (ST) technology includes our PCT patent pending security elements and can easily be plugged into new or existing systems.

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