Mobile Stats 2010

Tomi Ahonen regularly publishes consolidated report and statistics on mobile phone and telecom across the globe. Every year he releases a consolidated report. The report for 2010 is due soon and he has shared some preview in his blog. statistics World population is nearing 7 Billion and out of which 3.75 billion people already have mobile subscriptions. So one out of 2 people in the planet have active mobile phone subscription. That’s unprecedented. The mobile phone subscription means unique individual having a mobile phone and an active mobile connection. The mobile phone subscription per capita will pass 100% by 2014 as one person will have more than one subscription. 39% of people who have mobile phone have more than one mobile subscription. (Dual-sim, two phones whatever) The total revenue from mobile phone services such as voice, text and data is nearing 1 Trillion dollars in a single year. This year the revenue is projected at $920 billion. The revenue excludes the mobile handsets and network operations. 1.3 Billion handsets sold in 2010. That’s almost the population of China. 350 million people got their first phone this year! 17% of world’s phones are smartphones. 81% of world’s phones are cameraphones! 95% of world’s phone have colour screens! 100% of world’s mobile phones can do SMS (no-brainer) Read the complete post here

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