Mobile Phone Consumers Evolution in India – Google Findings

Google released a video that showcases how the Indian mobile consumers have evolved over the time. Google surveyed over 30,000 respondents before compiling this report. Here are some of the findings for India: * 94% of hundreds of millions of India’s urban users use mobile phones. Already 23% of them are smartphone users. * 4 out of 5 report it’s their first smartphone. Among the highest ratios across all countries. * Android and Symbian are the favourite platforms. * 97% of Indians user their smartphones @ home. 78% @ work and 80% on the go. * 99% use their smartphone while consuming other media. * 77% use their smartphone while listening to music. * 38% use their smartphone while online with other device. * 36% use their smartphone while watching tv. * For Indian smartphone users, the median number of apps is 15. On average, 5 were purchased & 8 has been used in the last 30 days. * 55% say they notice mobile advertising most or all of the time. Most commonly via search (60%) and via mobile apps (35%) * 50% of smartphone users have used their smartphone to make a purchase (really?) * 50% of smartphone users claim they would rather give up their television than their smartphone (just 50%?) * 50% claim that their smartphone is more entertaining than television. The video ends saying “India is witnessing a tremendous in surge in smartphone adoption and usage. This is just the beginning.

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