Mobile Newsreel – 5 Nov 2012 – iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy S III and more

– After Goophone, there’s another company called Zophone involved into cloning the Apple products. Zophone i5 is the closest clone of iPhone 5 till date. Read more details here.

– Apple, undisturbed by these copycats, is busy touching new heights everyday. The company has just reported selling 3 million iPads in just 3 days.

– How much profit you think Apple is making per iPad sold? A research which includes tearing down the components reveals Apple making as much as $141 on every unit of iPad mini sold. Of course this tear down does not include R&D, packaging etc.

– Its not just apple touching the new heights. Samsung also confirmed selling 30 million Samsung Galaxy SIII smart phones within 5 months of launch.

– Guess its only about Apple and Samsung today. Apple, which mis-published the apology to Samsung earlier has now republished it here. The Cupertino based company though made sure that you cant see this statement without scrolling down the page. Read the tear down here.

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