Mobile Newsreel – 12 Oct 2012 – iPad Mini, Kindle’s secret and more

– Apple and Rumor go hand to hand. iPad mini was rumored to be launched on 10th Oct which didn’t turn up. Latest Rumors suggest 23rd Oct as the most probable launch date for the device.

– We are yet to see a clear winner in terms of offline navigation. Nokia Maps, one of the best contender in past is now being challenged by a number of third party apps. Alan Richey on AllAboutSymbian shares his first hand experience on the head to head comparison between Nokia Maps and Navfree App.

– Ever wondered why Kindles are so cheap? The only secret is that Amazon sells it at cost, without profit. Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos reveals how Amazon makes money without making money.

– The Purple haze issue in the Apple iPhone 5 has a solution now, though not from the house of Apple. Camhoodie case for iPhone 5 reduces the purple flare significantly.

– The third world war may better known as the mobile patent war. We have one more entry today. Google-owned Motorola has been sued again by Microsoft, and this time for infringement of a mapping patent.

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