Mobile Newsreel – 1 Nov 2012 – Flipboard, Amazon Cloud Drive and more

– Flipboard is topping the charts as far as news aggregator apps are concerned. The team behind this app recently added voice support to its Android app. Now the company has come up with retouched version of Flipboard app customized especially for iPad Mini. See details here.

– Android is crossing all the bars in usability. After powering majority of smartphones, it moved to cameras, mini-pcs and guess what’s next. Its entering in to home appliances with the latest Ubi device.

– Earlier this month, an UK court ordered Apple to publish the message on its website that the Samsung didn’t copy the iPad. Apple did mentioned this but half heartedly. The statement passed on a message saying “Samsung was not found to copy in the U.K., other courts had deemed its Galaxy Tab as derivative of the iPad”. Read more details on this interesting case study here.

– Amazon launched a photo sharing app for Android devices called “Amazon Cloud Drive Photos For Android”. You can download the app from the Google play store as well as the Amazon App store.

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