Mobile landscape 2011: What to Expect

2010 has been a very remarkable year in the history of mobile phones. We witnessed amazing technological improvements both in terms of hardware and software. We saw how big and established brands are losing out to new players and new trends. There has been some major technological break-throughs that were announced in 2010 which are going to set the pace for the year 2011. Let’s see what is in store for the year 2011. 2011 The major chipset manufacturers have been innovating behind the scenes for the last few years and their efforts are ready for commercialization! If the year 2010 was remarkable for the wide-scale adoption of brilliant screens with super-sensitive touch recognition and crystal clear displays, the year 2011 is going to be the year of DUAL-CORE processors! Every major handset manufacturer has lined up a dual-core powered smartphones and tablets. This multi-core processors open up the possibilities for wide variety of applications. The TI’s dual-core chipset (each clocking at 1.5 GHz speed) makes the 20MP camera possible on the smartphone. The High definition recording and playback capabilities would improve significantly. We can also witness the adoption of efficient and long-lasting batteries. The sensors on-board on smartphones are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The support for Gyroscopes on Android gingerbread will open up amazing array of gaming experiences on smartphones. NFC (Near field communications) are taking shape but may not see wide-scale adoption in the year 2011. In all probability, LG would be the first to launch the world’s first dual-core powered smartphone in the form of LG Optimus 2X [also known as LG Star]. Samsung has lined up Samsung Galaxy 2, another dual-core powered smartphone. HTC has lined up Glacier, Sony Ericsson has lined up Xperia Play [Playstation Phone], iPhone 5 might be dual-core powered (!) and so would be Nokia N9. Ofcourse, we can also expect iPhone 5 and we are pretty sure Steve Jobs would make iPhone 5 look like the champion with his brilliant on-stage antics! The year 2011 is also going to be known for the surge of Tablets. Motorola would be officially releasing its own tablet powered by dual-core processor and honeycomb operating system. Motorola has not named the model but speculations point to the name Xoom or Motopad. HTC too is planning for its first tablet. Palm would be launching PalmPad. Blackberry would be releasing Playbook in the first quarter of the year 2011. Playbook has some really great things going about it, especially the QNX operating system promises to be super cool! How can we ignore Apple? Apple would definitely be unveiling iPad2 with remarkable improvements. We have seen the hardwares and the handsets. What about the software and the operating system that actually gives life to these otherwise lifeless handsets? Android is working on Honeycomb version, exclusively focuses for tablets. Apple would be releasing iOS 5.0. Palm’s web OS would see daylight this year. Blackberry QNX is all set to attract quite a few fans when Playbook releases. Nokia’s Meego and Maemo would reach the hands of consumers and developers this year. It’s worthwhile to mention about two technology giants separately. Intel and Microsoft. Both a pioneer and leaders when it comes to desktop and PCs. But they have lost out in the game of Mobile. They have joined the party pretty late. We have to wait and watch to see if they can do to the mobile landscape what they did to desktop. Can they successfully replicate the ‘WinTel’ model? Intel has shown that their dual-core architecture (moorestown) is very powerful and sophisticated on paper than ARM architecture. Windows 7 OS has beaten the expectations of microsoft with the sale of 1.5 million handsets within 1.5 months. So, we will treat them as underdogs but we are not ruling them out. Finally, when we analyze the landscape of mobile operators, we can say that 4G would gather traction in developed countries in the form of WiMAX and LTE. The mobile backhaul services and infrastructure is being constructed very fast. In the developing countries, we can see the adoption of 3G at mass-scale finally. Even in India, every major mobile operator would be releasing the 3G services across the nation. Overall, 2011 is looking very promising. Three cheers to the fastest growing technology field in the world. Other worthwhile posts to checkout on the same topic The Top 10 wireless Trends in 2011 10 Things to Expect in Mobile in 2011 Mobile Phones in 2011: What to Expect 2010: Tech Snapshot 2010: The year that transformed the mobile CES 2011: Smartphone trends to watch 5 Predictions for Mobile in 2011

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