Mobile Design Firm Forays Into India

Singapore-based mobile design firm Longcheer Holdings Limited has started its operations in India. The company has set up a design centre in Noida and has appointed around 40 employees for the same. Earlier this year, the company had announced its plans to foray into the Indian market. Longcheer specializes in developing products and services in mobile handsets designs, complete mobile handsets, wireless communication, data communication products, mobile broadband technology and mobile internet applications. With this entry, the company looks forward to capitalize on the fastest growing telecom market. Commenting on this, Dr Du Junhong, executive chairman, Longcheer Holdings Limited, said, “On the technological front, India is advancing with inclusion of various technological applications such as 3G and WiMAX. Such wireless technologies globally have expanded the need for most advanced mobile designer handsets and software applications. Thus looking at the vibrant prospect of telecommunications, Longcheer will expand its hi-technology based products and services in India.” “The Indian telecom industry has witnessed an unprecedented growth in 2009 with the Indian mobile handset market touching 100.9 million units by the end of last year. The Indian consumers are now demanding handsets which cater to specific Indian requirements. We will address this need by designing unique handsets for India in India,” said Manu Nagar, chief executive officer, Longcheer India. Apart from India, the company has a network across Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Vietnam.

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