Mobile CRM – Surfacing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) methodology has become a crucial market strategy in managing an enterprise. Company’s interactions with customers, clients, organizing, automating business process and identifying sales prospects and etc are need to be organized effectively and efficiently. It is practically identified that technology driven approach is widely required in maintaining the enterprise’s competition effectively. Enterprises with large customer base and clients are investing a large chunk of amounts in acquiring the CRM applications to maintain its sales prospects. mCRM With a remarkable growth rate in usage, service providers figured innovative ways to render the services at competitive prices. CRM vendors offered Web-based tools Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS). Now, the era of miniature things embark. Employers equip their executives with smart phones. The smart phones like blackberry, iphone, Android (OS) and Windows (OS) based mobiles have plenty full of applications almost to handle their work from anywhere. CRM vendors concentrated on this typical segment and targets with their solutions. Mobile devices, including BlackBerry®, iPhone™, Google Android™, Windows Mobile®, Nokia® (Symbian OS), Palm® and other popular smart phones, have become critical tools to compete effectively. Companies look the mobility as a criterion and provide laptops and mobile phones to employees and send them to the field. Mobile CRM is a new frontier which holds a greater potential in transforming the way mobile users can connect and interact with business-critical information. This platform helps them in improving their productivity and significantly to satisfy their customers with timely updates. A few vendors offer a free trial for one month to evaluate the product.

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