Mobile Apps will soon be employed to Track Green Line Trains by 2015

The Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority (MBT) is employing a new app termed ‘T’ to track Green Line Trains by 2015. The uniqueness of this app is you can source information on the trains arrival and departure timings using the smartphones, according to information sources from transit agency. 20121219-013903 Trains which motion on the Red, Orange and Blue lines have already been traced using mobile applications since 2010 using the information on the train websites by observing the real-time location data to private software developers. The ‘’light rail’’ Green Line functions with a simpler tracing system than the Red, Orange and Blue Lines which uses more advanced tracing systems. The company has been working to develop mobile apps for the Track Green Line for a while to create an app that would provide more details on train locations. The tailoring of the app would be structured using a blend of sensors and GPS technology and is currently near its final stages of functionality. The T app has other efficient mobile functions of being able to activate ‘’countdown clocks’’ for underground Green Line stations together with the D branch where you can locate the overhead electronic message board signs. The countdown clock is fully functional to an optimum level since August for the stations of Red, Orange and Blue lines. The more interesting part there is an additional twelve clocks which were activated on Monday minimizing the number of stations to 42 with the theme to activate the clock at ten more stations, according to officials. This amazing app will function by 2012 with a massive investment of $15million. The T mobile app would aid commuters to their preferred destination at shorter intervals of time. This app would be very useful especially with train being the popular mode of commuting in many countries.

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