Mobile App helps you manage your cash flow

Mobile Apps have revolutionised the technology industry with their many beneficial functions for businesses, travel and recently the security apps have been upgraded after the heinous rape incident. Recently people are developing applications to aid in finance management. M-Changa App The increase in demographic work ratio in India has led Joy Namatsi to devise a technology to churn funds for her organization in the years to come. Ms Namatsi designed an M-Changa which is a mobile phone application with the unique function to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Society (CPSR), an organisation where she works. The M-Changa is an SMS-based app which functions with a novel and different technique of developing a network of fundraisers to donate money to the organisation and keep her updated on the amount of money which comes into the organization. According to the CPSR public relations officer “It takes the puzzlement out of the process. Though I am not savvy on the technology front, I can now handle efficient money management techniques from my phone. She is extending the potential of the application to her office atmosphere to aid in fundraising events for weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. This is an ideal app to manage your money input and outflow with the capacity of a reasonable, easy-to-employ smartphone program and there is another application to manage your business records. Although the details of the functioning of the application are yet to be explored, this is a fantastic application to manage your money ingress and egress. This is a very brilliant and noble idea of Ms Namatsi to create the M-Changa SMS-based app which helps you manage your financial resources with ease. Even for entrepreneurs and accountants this app will be particularly useful to calculate the money turnover and expenditure. This is another inventory app which will be employed by millions all over the world.

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