MNP War – Gainers and Losers

It has been 11 days since Mobile Number Portability (MNP) went live across the nation. Mobile subscribers finally have the freedom to switch the operators according to their needs without losing their mobile number which has very much become an identity. So with a free market, who is gaining and who is losing out? Which is the most preferred network among mobile subscribers? Which is the most hated network? We are all waiting to know more about this information. Looks like Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has requested all mobile operators to submit a detailed factsheet about the total number of port-outs, port-ins and the number of successful unique porting codes generated since January 20. Many customers have reported problems in the porting process. To know the details and to facilitate efficient porting process in the coming weeks, DoT is gathering this data. Mobile operators across the nation are facing teething problems with the implementation of MNP. It would be interesting to look at the official figures and see who is gaining and who is losing. We are watching closely for the official data. However, we found that one of the telecom blogs called teleguru has published a report on MNP port-in and port-out data. I wonder where they secured the data from. We will treat this data as unofficial until we hear from TRAI or DoT. But it’s interesting to see the data posted by teleguru. Vodafone has been the biggest gainer even since MNP. Almost 94,000 customers have ported into Vodafone while only 44,000 ported out. Overall, Vodafone has gained 50,000 customers due to MNP. Other players who have gained due to MNP are Idea cellular, Aircel, Airtel, Tata Docomo in that order. The report is attached below: MNP–data-report-all-india-summary-effect MNP–data-report-all-india-summary-effect-churn-in-out It’s important to know which operator is gaining and which operator is losing. It’s also important to know this data at the regional level. Because while Vodafone might have gained overall across India, they might have lost out in some states. Which will tell a different story. As soon as we get hold of the data, we will write a report about it. Via Teleguru, Economictimes

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