Microtek ready to enter in Indian mobile market

ImageEveryday we encounter some new mobile launches since the players in this field are increasing day by day. As per the latest sccop, Indian market is going to welcome another new company in this industry.
MICROTEK INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD., which is the country’s Largest Power Products manufacturer having products like Line Interactive UPS, ONLINE UPS, DIGITAL & SINEWAVE INVERTERS/UPS EB/UPS E² has reportedly decided to enter Indian mobile handset market.
Microtek will launch its product in Bihar, Jharkhand and Haryana initially and later it will enter in other markets. The company has decided to enter in mobile handset business later this year with a target of selling about 25,000 to 30,000 handsets in the first three months.
Mr. Manoj Jain, Vice-President of Microtek said, “We will launch our mobile handsets in states like Bihar, Jharkhand and Haryana around Diwali festival,”

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