Microsoft’s Surface tablet to be Wi-Fi only initially

The just unveiled, and of course much hyped, Microsoft’s Surface tablet is lately learned to be Wi-Fi only, at least initially at the time of its launching. microsoft-surface-tablet-3 For last few days we covered lots of posts here about Surface saying it would be 10.6-inch screen, it will run on Windows 8 operating system, and lots of this and that about this first own brand tablet of Microsoft, but there were no words about its kind of antennas on board or what kind of Internet connections it would support. Today, courtesy to Bloomberg News, news got revealed the Surface would be Wi-Fi only at first. The tablet would be retailed without 3G or 4G immediately after its launching. According to Bloomberg, the software giant wants to leave road open for a 3G or 4G Surface. It says this could also lead to disadvantage for the company as Surface has been said to be competing with range of popular and hot selling tablets, including Apple’s iPad that is 4G and Wi-Fi only versions. —————————— 91mobiles Knockout: Microsoft Surface Vs New Apple IPad Microsoft Surface Tablet First Impression First Look: Microsoft Surface Tablet Picture Gallery —————————— Well, ZDNet suggests differently that this indicates the Wi-Fi iPads are chosen by mainstream consumers and most of them rarely use the tablet outside of hotspots. The website also writes that the 3G/4G iPads are sold in much smaller numbers. Mr Kendrick writes there, “Microsoft needs to make a big initial push to get the Surface into the home, not the workplace. Wi-Fi is all that is needed to make that happen.” India still lacks too many hotspot areas. What you say? Would you like to buy Surface Wi-Fi only version?

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