Microsoft sheds light on Windows 8 touchscreen requirements

win8_1 Microsoft has released information on the touchscreen gesture technology that shall be incorporated in Windows 8. It has also shed light on the hardware requirements that will be vital for smooth functioning across various devices. The software giant says that although Windows 8 shall run on the same hardware currently in the market, new touchscreen PCs designed for Windows 8 will need to integrate five-finger digitizers. Microsoft’s Build conference, held earlier this year, previewed the “fundamental gestures”, which would require only two fingers. These gestures would give basic control over interface actions, selection, rotation, zoom, panning, and would also include app or system commands. These two-finger gestures, although suitable for core functions, “can be very limiting” in the case of certain applications. Windows 8 hardware shall help developers to utilize five-finger gestures for application input, thus avoiding potential limitations. Microsoft managers wrote in a blog post that the reason they took this step is in order to respond to developer feedback. They added that developers do not want limitations on their creativity and want to be able to use any multi-finger gestures or controls that they find useful. Microsoft has also pointed out certain specific fields in which older hardware may be obsolete. Some touchscreens on Windows 7 PCs have reported problems in registering individual taps, swipe to select, swiping from the edge and swipe and slide gestures.
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