Microsoft releases its Kinectimals game for Android

Microsoft must have been mingling so far with its own Windows Phone operating system, but this does not mean it is keeping away its creativity from other OS. The tech giant has released its first game dubbed Kinectimals for the Android platform, the Google’s operating system, bringing its interactive animal cubs to tablets and phones running on Android. kinectimals_android Currently the Kinectimals is available for Windows Phone and iOS. In the Android version there have been five unlocking of new cubs. The game was released for the iOS last year in December, a first step to take Kinectimals beyond Microsoft’s own mobile platform. In Kinectimals gamers can play with virtual pet on the go. You can feed the pets and pat it in a similar way as it is with modern-day Tamagotchi. Kinectimals for Android got its own tie-in to Xbox 360 game, but still it is a game all on its own. The game is not made free as of now. Users need to fork out $3 for this, which is not much for a good game from such a big giant house. You can download the game from Google Play store for $2.99. The price is same as Tamagotchi from 1996. Oh yes! There’s a bonus too. The pet won’t wake up at odd hour of 3 a.m. complaining being hungry and you bothered to feed it. Do write below in the comment box about the game if you have played it on your iOS or Windows Phone mobile phone or tablet.

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