Microsoft Posts Productivity App OneNote for Apple iPad

Despite popular belief to the contrary, Microsoft posted its first ever productivity app for an non-window device for free. Microsoft brings this mixed format organizer, OneNote app to Apple iPad and iPhone for free. The new OneNote Application which appears at Apple App store letting users to download and use up to 500 Active notes. Later the users can therefore upgrade this app for unlimited usage by paying $5 for iPhone and $15 for iPad versions. microsoft-onenote-ipadMicrosoft OneNote apps works on every version later than iOS 4.3. The update which allows iPhone users to access a tabbed user interface with quicknote creation in unified notes and table rendering. The new options will also allows user sync the full notebook of notes via Wi-Fi. Finally, users with Windows Live Account can manage to save the notebooks in the cloud using SkyDrive. Microsoft OneNote App is available in different languages for several other countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Europe, Latin America, and parts of the Middle East and Southeast Asia. This is not the first time Microsoft writes an App to other plarforms. There are apps available from Microsoft to Apple iOS devices and Android devices as well. However, this could be the first productivity app posted for free. Supporting the other devices, Microsoft becoming a strong contender and suppressing the competition. With the launch of OneNote App, we believe that Microsoft could possibly build a full Office for iPad. Instead of launching individual apps like iWork, OneNote and other, this could possible help the consumers and be loyal to the brand. Click here to download Microsoft OneNote App

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