Microsoft KIN – A new touchphone to navigate your social life!

Microsoft unvieled two new touchphones today powered by Window Phone 7 OS. These phones are power-social-networking-handsets. This phone is NOT A SMARTPHONE, in the sense you cannot install programs/applications. But this phone allows you to seemlessly navigate your virtual social life through a tight integration with facebook, twitter, myspace et al. Sharp has manufactured these two social networking phones. The first phone KIN ONE (which was project-coded as TURTLE) comes in a SQUARE form-factor with a cool slide-out QWERTY keyboard and neatly fits in your palm. It has 5 Mega pixels camera, VGA Video recording, 4GB non-expandable memory, 320×240 screen. The second phone KIN TWO (project-coded as PURE), comes in a rectangular form-factor with a side-slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It has a wider screen with a size of 480×320, 8 Mega pixels camera (wow!), 8GB Memory and 720 px video recording. The processers on both these phones are powered by Tegra. Microsoft KIN 1 closeMicrosoft KIN 2 closeMicrosoft KIN 2 open On the UI and Features side, 3 features deserve special mention: KIN LOOP – The latest news and feed from your favourite people and places, updated in real-time. First thing you will see when you switch on your phone. In their own words, “It keeps you updated on your favourite news, events, websites, social networks, your best friends tweets. It’s all there in real time. Unless you dont want it to be.” KIN SPOT – A toolbar permanently fixed at the bottom center of the screen, allows you to share your life and favourite stuff with others easily. In their own words “Say you have a picture you want to show your friends. Drag it to the spot, pick your people, hit send. Or upload something to facebook. Or start a conversation. With everyone. All at once” KIN STUDIO – Online storage to store your photos, videos, documents. Even the messages, call history can be stored online. Storage is based on cloud. In their own words “If it’s on your KIN phone, it’s on your page at It has tons of storage and backs up your pictures, videos, messages and friends. If you lose your phone, you don’t lose what’s on it”. Also, the camera deserves special mention. With a resolution of 8 Mega pixels, you can take amazing pictures even in low light conditions.

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