Microsoft dragged to court over Surface tablet storage issue

Andrew Sokolowski, a lawyer by profession, practicing in Los Angeles, alleged that he bought a Surface with 32 gigabytes from Microsoft and was duped. He ran out of space after loading it with music and Microsoft documents. He noticed that a considerable part of the 32 gigabyte storage space was used by the operating system and pre-installed apps like Word and Excel. He was left with only 16 GB. microsoft surface tablet A law suit was filed against false advertisement and crooked transaction recently by him at the learned Apex Court in Los Angeles. A class action status is persuaded. The suit is filed with the sole intention to change how Microsoft advertises its product and retrieve revenue and profit accumulated through wrongful practice. However, the software giant considers the suit null and void, as believed to be from the released statement. Microsoft argues that customers comprehended the nitty-gritty of the operating system and pre-installed applications and are aware of the total reduced storage free space. In fact, users can add on to the storage further via microSD slot and USB port. The company clarified on November 5 that 32GB Surface has 16GB of free space. The sale of Surface device began on October 26 and Sokolowski bought the device on November 7. Sokolowsky’s advocate alleged that his client did not see the notice, and all details were anonymous. It is to be noted that flash drives and regular hard drives provide less usable memory than their labels. On flash drives, the kind used in tablets, is another factor that curtails the available storage further.

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