Microsoft discontinues support for Windows Mobile

Microsoft has made new access restrictions for Windows Mobile based operating system devices. Users of old version of Windows Mobile operating system will not be able to access applications from the Microsoft application store . However if such users update their operating system to Windows Phone operating system they can continue using such applications. Microsoft wants to improve security aspect and hence it is important for the users to upgrade their OP system. Microsoft had released hi tech Windows Phone 7 for smartphones in 2010. This was done to replace the old Windows Mobile operating system. The company is soon to launch Windows 8 operating system which would work for tablets, PCs and smartphones. Users with old devices can continue using their installed applications and devices  for as long as they want. However future access to applications through Microsoft will be denied to them. They can get them from third party stores that would support the old operating systems. Presently users using Zune app can install it on their Windows mobile smartphones. In future support form Zune has been stopped. It would be advisable for the users to keep upgrading to the newer operating systems released to enjoy full benefits that come with the upgrade.
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