8 reasons why the Micromax Unite 2 is a Moto E killer

“The fight for the ultimate budget Android smartphone has boiled down to two main contenders, the Micromax Unite 2 and the Motorola E, and here are the reasons why the Unite 2 makes for a better buy”
Micromax-Unite-2002.jpg Moto-E-2

With the Moto E running off the shelves faster than hot cakes, the Micromax Unite 2 (Unboxing) is not far behind and has become a favourite Android smartphone for those who seek more value for money and at the same time are looking for a much more powerful smartphone than the Moto E (review), while sticking to the same budget. If you are also going through the same dilemma then here is something that we have reasons to believe that would definitely help you make up your mind.

Bigger display

The Moto E sports a 4.3-inch display, but the Micromax Unite 2 offers a bigger 4.7-inch display. Even though the difference in the size might not be substantial, but it is the display we are talking about, and from entertainment to web browsing, every additional millimetre counts.

Quad-core processor

Despite the fact that the Micromax Unite 2 comes with a MediaTek processor, it is faster in terms of overall clock speed offered, i.e., 1.3GHz, and has twice the number of cores to handle the computing, which should result in better performance as compared to the Moto E that’s powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor

Regional language support

India is a country where there is a huge diversity in languages in use, and the Micromax Unite 2 with support for 21 Indian languages will definitely be useful for a larger number of people, even those who only comfortable using their mother tongues. On the other hand, the Moto E only supports English and Hindi, and may not appeal to everyone.

User-replaceable battery

Although it’s something as simple as buying insurance, most Android users believe that having a user-replaceable battery is better as opposed to having a fixed battery due to the simple fact that if the device freezes up, they would be able to bring it back to life by simply popping out its battery and putting it back in. Additionally, having a replaceable battery can reduce the number of trips to the service centre, as you can replace the battery yourselves.

Autofocus camera

No matter what users have to say about the quality of images that are being captured by the Moto E, having an autofocus camera on the Micromax Unite 2 is a boon. The autofocus mechanism allows the device to capture images with varying focus and capture more detail as well as sharper images in the process.

Better illumination due to flash

Another important addition to the Micromax Unite 2 over the Moto E is the LED flash provided at the back of the device, for illumination while shooting during low-light conditions. The Moto E clearly misses this functionality, and therefore is unable to capture images in low light. Additionally, the flash also doubles up as very capable flashlight and Indian smartphone users love having it on their devices.

Front-facing camera

No matter if it’s a poor resolution camera that the company has provided on the Micromax Unite 2, but at least it’s there and therefore users would not be robbed of the functionalities such as video calling and basic selfies, which is definitely one of the growing trends among Indian smartphone users with more affordable data rates being offered by service providers.

Availability is not an issue
Moto E Flipkart

Last but not the least, the Micromax Unite 2, unlike the Moto E is available through a number of stores both offline as well as online, so users can stick to their favourite retailer and still can buy a powerful Android device without having to wait for the Moto E to be back in stock. Some might say that the device is so good that it gets sold off within minutes, but availability only through online store is a major bottleneck for those who can’t, or don’t prefer to buy online. 

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