Micromax launches A50 Superfone Ninja with ‘AISHA’ voice recognition tool

micromax-A50 Micromax today introduced its Android based Smartphone the ‘A50 Superfone Ninja’ with a completely new software for voice recognition, which is known as Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant or AISHA. This Smartphone of Micromax will join the current band of Superfone that has the likes of A73, A78 and A85. But the catch here is that A50 Superfone Ninja is available at a low cost of them all. If we look into the specifications, the new A50 Ninja is powered by a processor of 650 MHz that runs the various Apps on the Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread OS. This entry level Smartphone of Micromax has a rear camera of 2 megapixels. A 3.1-inch of colour display adds to the charm while Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity compliments that charm for various online supported apps to appear on screen. The 32GB expandable memory is enabled by a microSD card. If you observe closely then you will find that the voice recognition software AISHA is very much similar to the Siri of Apple. AISHA lets the user make calls, check the review of the movies, details of the weather and the current phone status. Apart from those common things it also lets the user have some high-tech facilities like asking knowledge questions through AISHA and do language translations as well. You may check your horoscope too. A50 Ninja lets you put a question to the phone where it reverts back with a relevant answer. However, we are still to check the relevancy here once we get our hands on the phone in real. This entry level smartphone by Micromax will be available for Rs.4,999 across India at all major retail outlets.
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