A quick look at the Micromax Canvas LAPTAb

“With the LAPTAb, Micromax is venturing into a new product category. Here’s a quick picture-filled look at the affordable hybrid gadget”

Back in January last year, homegrown manufacturer Micromax surprised everyone by introducing a two-in-one device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Dubbed the Canvas LapTab, it marked Micromax’s entry into an all-new product category after phones, tablets and TVs. The device was also significant as the company partnered with the names like Intel and Microsoft for the device. Unfortunately, the laptop-tablet hybrid didn’t make an appearance in India… until now.

At an event in New Delhi yesterday, Micromax finally revealed the Canvas LAPTAb. While the idea remains the same as before (barring the fact that it’s not a dual-boot Android and Windows device), the hybrid offers improved hardware. We were able to check it out for a short while to bring you a quick picture-filled peek at the affordable hybrid gadget.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 01

The Micromax Canvas LAPTAb has been made portable enough to be carried anywhere. It’s quite lightweight at 1.1kg and is also quite sleek with a thickness of 18.2mm.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 23

Similar to netbooks, the Canvas LAPTAb features a screen size of 10.1-inches, which bears a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. The IPS display offers vibrant colours and sharp text, and brightness also seemed to be fine during our brief usage.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 02

To enable its use as a regular laptop, the device has an 82-key Chiclet keyboard. The keys have good travel distance between them, however they were somewhat hard to press and thus we weren’t able to type as fast (and accurately) as we’d have liked.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 03

Like most new laptops, the touchpad on the Micromax’s two-in-one offering doesn’t offer separate buttons for mouse clicks. It has left and right clicks embedded towards the bottom. Although, most often than not, you’ll end up using the touchscreen for interacting with the LAPTAb.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 04

While the base is mostly empty barring the keyboard, it does offer a full-size USB 2.0 slot. This means you can easily plug in your flash drives or external devices.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 07

The smarts in the Canvas LAPTAb lie in the tablet, which connects to the keyboard via a magnetic dock. You can easily remove the tablet, although it’s quite heavy for its size, tipping the scales at 610g.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 06

Coming to the tablet’s design, it has huge bezels around the display panel. At the front, along with the display, you’ll also find a 2MP front-facing camera and a Windows button.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 12

If the slate is kept in landscape position, you’ll find the volume buttons and the power key towards the right along with the speaker grille. However, the buttons are quite hard and don’t offer good tactile feedback when pressed.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 13

The top houses the 3.5mm audio interface, a micro-USB port, a micro-SD slot and a SIM slot. Unlike most laptops, the Micromax Canvas LAPTAb can be charged by a micro-USB charger, which is quite useful as you don’t need to carry a separate charger with you.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 15

The device is available in a grey colour with black accents, which is quite pleasing to the eye. At the rear of the tablet, you’ll also find a 2MP fixed-focus rear camera along with the product logo and Micromax’s insignia.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 10

The Micromax Canvas LAPTAb comes equipped with the fourth-gen Intel Atom Z3735F processor, which offers four cores clocked at 1.8GHz. The CPU is complemented by 2GB of RAM.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 17

For storage purposes, the device comes with 32GB of flash memory, out of which around 20GB is available to the end user. You can also extend the storage by using a microSD card, with a supported capacity of up to 64GB.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 21

The Canvas LAPTAb is fuelled by a 7,700mAh battery, which the brand claims can provide a backup of up to 10 hours.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 11

The device runs Windows 8.1 and is bundled with a free subscription to Microsoft Office 365 along with whopping 1TB of storage on OneDrive. There are a few preloaded apps as well such as Magzter. The device also promises an upgrade to the upcoming Windows 10 OS.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 20

Keeping you always connected to the internet, the two-in-one comes with Wi-Fi as well as a SIM slot that supports 3G data access. The device also comes with Bluetooth 4.0.

Micromax Canvas LAPTAb quick look 18

The Micromax Canvas LAPTAb follows the ideology behind the company’s other devices – it offers good hardware at an attractive sticker price. The device will sell at Rs 14,999, at which it undercuts the competition like the Notion Ink Cain (first impressions) and iBall Slide WQ149. While it remains to be seen if Micromax is able to achieve similar success with the Canvas LAPTAb, it’s definitely comes across as a compelling option for those who want a portable gadget that can be used for productivity.

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