Meridian Mobile Signs Deal With Gati

Meredian Mobile has announced its partnership with Gati Ltd. Under this partnership, Gati will act as the sole logistics and supply chain solution provider for Meridian’s “Fly” mobile phones in India. Gati will offer third-party logistics solutions which would mean providing integrated operations  right from procurement to warehousing, inventory management, order management, demand-supply support and analytics, distribution and reverse logistics. Prem Kumar, CEO, Meridian Mobile, said, “Fly is globally positioned as challenger brand with extremely strong commitment to differentiation. We believe that our aim to have best in class service in supply chain management is in line with our aspiration to serve our customers and consumers better. Fly has been using the services of Gati for domestic logistic in the past, given the experience we had with Gati this tie-up for an integrated supply chain management solution will allow Fly to leverage the core competency of Gati.” According to the company, the supply chain solution will in turn help Meridian to focus on their core activities of product development and management, and achieve a substantial growth in their business in the next two years. Redsun, the Supply Chain Solutions division of Gati, is said to manage the account bringing in expertise of supply chain management that will enhance performance and optimise efficiencies through a knowledge, experience and expertise based strategic implementation plan. Redsun is eyeing revenue of Rs 400 crore in the next two years. Commenting on the association, Harry Lagad, executive director, Gati Ltd, said, “We have raised curtains over a new format in logistics industry. And we at Gati look forward to innovate further and offer more custom-made services in the times to come.”

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