MEIZU m2 note camera review: noteworthy results

“We review the recently-announced MEIZU m2 note’s cameras”MEIZU m2 note_8

The successor to the m1 note (unboxing and first impressions) phablet, the MEIZU m2 note is expected to be launched in India soon. The two devices are pretty much identical save for a few minor upgrades, and this applies to the camera department as well. The m2 note features a 13MP primary camera that uses a Samsung CMOS sensor and a five element lens with an aperture of f/2.2, alongside a dual-tone LED flash. The front 5MP snapper features a 69-degree wide-angle lens, and comes equipped with an upgraded FotoNation beautification system. The camera app is intuitive and easy to use, and packs in some useful features like Lightfield which lets you change the focus point in the edit mode, and a range of live filters. To test the photography abilities of the smartphone, we’ve taken a few image samples to help you gauge how it performs. 

Long Shot

MEIZU-m2-note_camera-test_long-shot.jpgWe were very pleased with this long shot sample taken at Hong Kong airport. There are several elements in the picture, and the camera has been able to capture them all in detail. Colours are true to life and exposure is even, and zooming in doesn’t reveal much noise either.

Close Up

MEIZU-m2-note_camera-performance_close-up.jpgThe primary snapper’s wide f/2.2 aperture has done justice to this close-up shot. The subject is in sharp focus, while the background has been successfully blurred.

Close Up (Zoomed In)

MEIZU m2 note_image sample_close up zoomed inZooming in to the image above confirms that the camera hasn’t neglected the tiny bee on the flower. You can see the details on the creature’s wings and body, as well as the individual stamens at the centre of the flower.


MEIZU-m2-note_camera-review_HDR-off.jpgTaken at midday, this shot is in dire need of some sprucing up. The harshness of the sun has caused the image to become underexposed, making it appear very dark.


MEIZU-m2-note_camera-test_HDR-On.jpgThe HDR mode has done its job to improve the overall brightness of the image, but the shadowed areas have been ignored. And while we appreciate that the haziness of the previous image has been addressed, the HDR mode has gone overboard while sharpening the photo.

Front Camera

MEIZU m2 note_image sample_front cameraThis front camera sample was captured without the beauty mode. The skin tones appear natural and the subject is in focus, but you can spot quite a bit of grain despite the ample lighting.

Night Shot

MEIZU-m2-note_camera-review_night-shot.jpgShot at night, the entrance to Beijing’s Houhai lake is well illuminated despite the poor lighting. There are no light flares, and you can make out the various colours and patterns on the arch.  

Low Light

MEIZU-m2-note_camera-performance_low-light.jpgAs with the previous image, colours have been captured accurately even in low light. The subjects are clearly visible, and the image hasn’t been clouded by noise.

Low Light (With Flash)

MEIZU-m2-note_camera-sample_low-light-with-flash.jpgTurning on the flash has eliminated grain, but in the process colours seem to be washed out. And despite its dual-tone LEDs, the flash appears to be a cool white instead of a more balanced tone.

From the image samples above, it’s clear that the MEIZU m2 note has a very capable pair of shooters. The results were consistent across the board, and apart from the unimpressive HDR mode, the cameras performed well on most counts. We’ll be bringing you more details on the smartphone and its performance in our full review, coming up soon.

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