MeeGo PR1.3 officially comes to Nokia N9

A new MeeGo update has been pushed to Nokia N9 users to keep up the excitement about MeeGo. MeeGo PR 1.3 update which is a firmware refresh has been officially launched in the Nokia N9. It has been claimed that Meego PR 1.3 comes with 1,000 quality improvements, including mail, Facebook and Twitter. Nokia has been working on the MeeGo PR 1.3 update since a long time and now it is fully developed for the Nokia N9 users. It should be noted that MeeGo PR 1.3 is just not another update for bug fix but it offers lots of diversified features apart from NFC fixes. MeeGo PR 1.3 will upgrade your Nokia N9 on networking and connectivity front. You can now easily access video calls on Google Talk. MeeGo PR 1.3 offers you to enjoy new Drive and camera options. A new look of application folders will also lure you into it. Nokia has further announced that MeeGo PR 1.3 update will be released in next few weeks. It will first come on the waves. This update is expected to come on non branded variants initially and later on the branded variants. You will see a notification with a relevant icon in the Events view section. You can directly download and install the update by clicking on the notification. It wouldn’t take much of your time. You can check out more details about it from the following official webpage: Enjoy this cool update on your phone.
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