MediaHouse UPnP/DLNA Browser App to sort your media requirements

Do you have UPnP media server installed in your home or office and utilise it to stream your movies and music on your Android phone, then the MediaHouse UPnP/DLNA Browser is something for you. The UPnP Media server browser and controller and can play media content using a third party media player but is different from other streaming media players in the market as it has the ability to pull down album art and album thumbnails for the music and movies stored on your media server. This app also automatically downloads all the information from the TMDb API. Once the information is downloaded, the app stores them in a folder on your handset itself for future. MediaHouse UPnP App This app makes the music and movie listing on your handset easier while browsing through the database to listen to a particular music or watching a particular genre. If the Internet is connected the information will automatically start downloading onto your handset. A few times certain information might not be available and the reason behind this could be a wrong file name or additional text or some other mistakes. This app also provides additional information about the movie or music album and artist. While you are browsing through the media content, long-press on the media file and you can get additional information such as genre, release date, short synopsis, etc. This app also gives out information about the actors along with their movie names. then again, you can also watch the trailers for movies. This information can help you choose the movie before actually watching it. This app is also very useful for music and photos to be viewed on the app’s built-in player, while the videos require the involvement of a third party app such as MoboPlayer, MXPlayer or many such to choose from. MediaHouse UPnP / DLNA Browser app is thus a well worthy app to handle all your media streaming requirements.

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