How to: measure your heart rate using the Samsung Galaxy S5 [video]

“If health is a priority for you, the Samsung Galaxy S5’s heart rate monitor could be quite useful”

In S Health, Samsung already has a fairly comprehensive and useful app that helps you track your activity and monitor it over a period of time. The app comes preinstalled on Samsung’s premium devices like the Galaxy Note 3. With the newest flagship, the Galaxy S5, S Health takes on yet another responsibility – that of helping you measure your heart rate. Working hand-in-hand with the heart rate sensor built on the rear of the Galaxy S5, the app is quite simple to use. We took you through a short demo of the S5’s fingerprint sensor earlier, and it’s now time to check out the smartphone’s heart rate monitor. Here’s how to go about using it to measure how fast your ticker is beating at any given point in time. 

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