Martin Logan Mikros 90 headphone First Impression

Martin Logan is a reputed company that has been around for sometime producing quality music gears. This company has also built a reputation on a line of expensive, premium electrostatic speakers that are very impressive with a good taste of treble treatment, clear, open midrange and a very nice and warm bass that has become the Martin Logan’s signature sound aspect. Martin Logan Mikros 90 Martin Logan manufactures two models of headphones, namely the Mikros 70 earphones and the Mikros 90 headphones. These two headphones represent the best sound reproduction that has been intended by its maker. Let us take a tour around the Martin Logan Mikros 90 headphone. Design and features The Martin Logan Mikros 90 has been beautifully crafted. The headphone comes with a robust feel along with heavily padded headband and ear cups. It has a very smooth and supple leatherette material that covers most of the headphones body with just a few chrome accents that gives it a luxurious and elegant feel. The overall design is chick, minimalistic and classy. The Mikros 90 has 35mm drivers and a leather wrapped 4-foot cable with a three-button microphone. Fit and comfort The Mikros 90 does have a slightly high clamping force to ensure a complete seal and enhance noise-isolation. Thus, if you are sensitive to ear pressure, then this headphone would be little uncomfortable on prolonged music listening session. However, the padding of the headphone is breathable and keeps your head and ears cool and comfortable. Audio performance The Mikros 90 headphones contain the signature sound quality of Martin Logan and possess the immaculate treble quality. The headphone has a very clear and open sound, which sounds brilliant with bright recordings but keeps everything true to the recording. It has a warm bass and not so warm midrange. Conclusion The Martin Logan 90 headphones are great, but at $300 it definitely has competition in the market.

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