Marshall Major Headphones Review

Marshall is a company, which has a great reputation in guitar amplification. This British company has been involved with sound and music in a very creative way for a long time. However, Marshall was never involved with the production of headphones, till late. Thus, Marshall is also one of those companies that decided to join the headphone bandwagon and its first venture into the ocean of the headphone market is with the Major headphones. It is also good to say, that the Marshall Major headphones are produced with collaboration of a Swedish headphone maker called Zounds, who has actually manufactured most of these headphones in question. marshall-major-headphones Let us take a brief look at the Major headphones.

Design and features

The Marshall Major headphones have an overall fantastic design. The vinyl covering used on its headband is the same material that Marshall uses on its guitar gears. The ear-cups are square shaped and are built with a very durable resin material that also showcases the Marshall logo. The headphones are available in two colors, namely black and white with contrasting colored logos on them. It has a four foot long cord that is attached to the left earn-cup and also has a small in-line microphone with one button control that is located in such a way so that it will close to the jaw when you wear the headphone. The headphone also comes with collapsible ear-cups for compact storage. The headband is substantially padded and so are the ear cups, which are covered with a very soft, leather-like material, these also provide very good passive noise isolation The overall built is durable, while the design is a little old fashioned but classy. Fit and comfort The Marshall Major headphones are well designed for comfortable wear. These headphones don’t have any fitting problem. However, the headband and the mounting structure of the headphone applies some force on the ears and crown that though give a secure fit, it also makes them uncomfortable after an hour or so. The ear pad material though soft also tends to heat up.

Audio Performance

The Marshall Major headphones need to have some time to really show you how they perform. Initially you may feel that it is too midrange intensive and the sound is rather compressed. However, after you allow it some play time the sound quality drastically improves which opens up and gives a rich and well balanced sound. The music that the headphone reproduces is original without any kind of unnaturally added effects. All genres are played well. The vocals are warm and full bodied and the instruments are well separated with individual pleasant characteristics. The bass is very real and true to the recording as well as well-balanced. The high frequencies are very clear and open though never off the line. The overall sound quality of the Major is thus, very nice and is best for live performance recordings.


The Marshall Major headphones provide good quality sound and design, though they are not suitable for long wears. Thus, the headphones are meant for listeners who enjoy nice music in rather short listening sessions.
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