Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion

Mark Zuckerberg updated his Facebook status announcing the social network site has acquired Instagram, the photography app. instagram Just couple of days ago Instagram launched its Android app and within 24 hours of releasing the app more than one million Android owners downloaded it. With the acquisition Instagram’s team will be joining the team of Facebook and the two, photography app along with social network, will be similarly open to other sources as it is now. In his Facebook post Zuckerberg showed his excitement of sharing the acquisition news and said his company has always focused on building the best photo sharing experience on the social site. Zuckerberg added that with Instagram sharing beautiful photos on mobiles will become more exciting with friends and family. Mark Zukerberg said, “We believe these are different experiences that complement each other. But in order to do this well, we need to be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram’s strengths and features rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook.” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom also shared about the acquisition on Facebook. He said the Instagram was started by him and Mike about two years ago to improve the way people communicates and shares, and they grew with time into a vibrant community of people from across the world. Systrom added that the Instagram will be same henceforth after being acquired by Facebook. It will have the same people that community follow or are being followed, and people will still be able to share to other social sites. He said, “We’re psyched to be joining Facebook and are excited to build a better Instagram for everyone.”

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