MapmyIndia launches location tracking app

MapMyIndia, India’s leading digital maps creator, has launched an Android app which will help you keep track of your friends or family members seamlessly. Locate, as the app is called, is available for free and can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store. Interestingly non Android users can also use the app for free from the official website of MapmyIndia. locate-app The app will allow you to add 3 friends or family members for location tracking. Once it is done, the app automatically picks up location time with the location of your friends and family. You get the every movement report for up to 5 days on the Android and the mobile web. The app is extremely useful for professionals like Crime reporters or women if safety is seen a concern. The app uses any GPS, Wi-Fi or Cell Tower Triangulation, in order of availability to compute location and alerts regularly. It is an appreciably useful app for the people looking to ensure complete security of himself or the family member.

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