Manufacturers won’t be able to disable lost phones

Several operators have voted against Samsung’s suggestion to install a kill switch on smartphones Losing a phone is a painful thing and even more painful is not being able to control your data along with it. To counter this device maker Samsung had suggested to several of the carriers in the US to install an embedded kill switch in the devices that could render the devices useless in case the user looses or misplaces it.

Lock-device But the carriers have turned down the suggestion given by the device maker because there is a possibility that the same kill code could be exploited by hackers in order to disable the devices. This to a great extent is true as well because having a similar mechanism on multiple devices would allow hackers to target multiple users with lesser efforts. But a similar service is also embedded by Google in most new age devices that allow users to remotely lock or even swipe the device of data. Today there are several applications available on the Google Play store in both free as well as paid versions that offer remote disabling of the devices in event of theft or misplaced devices. Having a service coming in especially from the device maker though would not make sense as there are already several services available. So the option for the users should be open and despite of having the system in place they should get the option to enable or disable the service. This is the model that Google has adopted for the device lock service where in users are free to enable or disable the service at any time, while Samsung’s system would be hidden inside and there would be no way to disable that at will.

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