Manufacturer Warranty vs Seller Warranty

One of the major things people look for while purchasing any gadget or item is the warranty. A warranty is a kind of assurance provided by the seller/manufacturer for the product and if the product/service does not meet the expectations or claims then the assurance provider is bound to repair or replace the product. A warranty is a legal binding which means if the seller/manufacturer does not stick to their words, then you can legally file lawsuits against them.

These days all the online stores and offline stores are providing manufacturers warranty and the original bill. The products shipped are completely sealed and as good as what you can get from retail stores. But, some online stores such as indiaplaza, bigadda and marketplaces such as ebay sell products with seller warranty. As a customer, you should know the difference between these two and should be informed about the cons associated with the seller warranty.



When you purchase a product with manufacturers warranty (these days most of the products come with 1 year manufacturers warranty) and face some issues with the product after you purchase it, you can get it repaired at any of the authorized service centers of the respective manufacturer. Manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, LG and major international brands have service centers all across India. Some Indian manufacturers such as Micromax, Karbonn also have good presence, though not as much as the international brands.

When you purhcase a product with seller warranty / dealer warranty, the warranty is provided by the respective seller or the dealer. Most the seller warranty lasts 6 months. In case of defect or malfunction of the product, you have to take the product to the seller from whom you bought it. If you live in Chennai and bought an item over ebay from the seller who lives in Mumbai, it’s your job to get the product shipped to the seller in Mumbai to get it repaired or replaced. Now imagine your plight if you end up facing such a situation. The pain does not end here. If your product requires replacement, then the seller might demand additional money to ship your new product and may even price the product higher than what you paid for initially.

Generally speaking, ebay is crowded with lot of sellers who offer these seller warranty. The products sold by these sellers are invariably fake chinese items, grey market items (smuggled or ‘imported’), replica or duplicate products. The products also would be significantly cheaper than the original one. Some times, refurbished items or used items are repackaged and sold to you.

For example, you might see a blackberry storm 9530 being sold at Rs. 9,990 by bigadda and indiaplaza while the same product is being sold for Rs. 18,749 by flipkart. If you look closely why bigadda and indiaplaza is cheaper, you will realize both of them are offering 6 months seller warranty. While flipkart is offering genuine manufacturer warranty; in which case you can be rest assured that the product is genuine and completely fresh from the factory.

So, next time when you take out your credit card of wallet to shell out your hard earned money, make sure you check out the warranty type and the reputation of the seller in the market.

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