Make Me Asian App removed from the Google Play Store

Google has now removed its Make Me Asian App for the Android Users from the Google Play Store following the petition filed against the App accusing it as a deed of practicing Racism. The search giant had to witness many protests that termed the App introduced by it as a racist. The Make Me asian app for the users of the Android OS Devices allowed the users to design various appearances for himself. According to the description given by the developer for the App, for a few moments a user could change himself into an Asian. Make Me Asian offered the users of the App to design Slanted eyes, Change colour of his face, attach a Fu Manchu Moustache to his image, Wear a paddy hat and a lot more. Majorly, the application used to transform the face of the users by altering their facial features. An out of Washington DC based person, Peter Chin had organised a protest online against the Make Me Asian app developed by Kimbery Deiss on the Website. The protest against the App was supported by many Online activist groups. More than 18 Million people had raised their voices against the cause. The online petition was supported by around 10,000 people who demanded the Make Me Asian App to be quickly taken of from the Google Play Store. Now, Google has released a statement that the Company does not comment on App that have been added individually but surely removes the App from the Application Store that violates the policies of the Company. As an act on the petition Google has removed the Make Me Asian App from the Google Play Store.

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