MailBliss Helps Send Your Emails to Your Handset’s SMS Inbox

mailbliss If you prefer to take delivery of your electronic mail when you’re on the move and have a poor web connection, you can get it over SMS with MailBliss. The exciting service generated by Timeless Technologies effectively creates an electronic mail address for you hosted on their back end so they can forward you the email straightly to your handset. In order to sign up for the newly launched service, you head over to the Mailbliss internet site where you select an email address. You have six domain choices comprising,,,, and After that, you pick your carrier. In the carrier drop down record, you will witness that the service is accessible in many nations comprising the United States and those in Europe and South America. Lastly, you add your cellular number and have your account set up in the right manner. If you are acquainted with your SMS address, you can fill that in place of filling out your carrier and cell number. When you forward an email thru SMS, the service will not reveal your phone number to your receiver. In addition, you can place your regular email address. This way, in place of banking on push email, you can forward and get emails via SMS. The service is free of charge, but, since you are forwarding and getting text messages, standard text messaging costs will be applicable. This service seems helpful for cell phone holders who don’t have smartphones or are traveling in regions where they will get mobile signal but not necessarily data indication. In addition, the number of carriers, which presently back up this service in the Indian market, seems restricted. Watch the list below to see if your carrier will support MailBliss. Andhra Pradesh AirTel Andhra Pradesh Idea Cellular BPL mobile Chennai RPG Cellular Chennai RPG Cellular Chennai Skycell / Airtel Delhi Airtel Delhi Hutch Goa Airtel Goa Idea Cellular Gujarat Airtel Gujarat Celforce / Fascel Gujarat Idea Cellular Haryana Airtel Haryana Escotel Himachal Pradesh Airtel Idea Cellular Karnataka Airtel Kerala Airtel Kerala BPL Mobile Kerala Escotel Kolkata Airtel Madhya Pradesh Airtel Maharashtra Airtel Maharashtra BPL Mobile Maharashtra Idea Cellular Mumbai Airtel Mumbai BPL Mobile Orange Pondicherry BPL Mobile Punjab Airtel Tamil Nadu Aircel Tamil Nadu Airtel Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile Uttar Pradesh West Escotel
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