Mahindra FightBack Mobile App especially for Women

When still the issues and improvement going on the coarse incident, in Delhi.  The gang rape surely sets our attention on some alerts. A mobile added service company called “Canvas M” comes with a new idea on giving a helping hand to women caught in difficult situation. The inventive idea of the company is indeed remarkable, as its purpose will surely rescue the people in extreme trouble. fightback app canvasm mahindra The press or touch of the button will send alert messages, (SOS) to the saved contacts of family and friends. CanvasM also have an idea of including contacts of the police in Delhi, which help sending the SOS messages to the near police stations too. This will definitely help the public in difficult situation. As for now, the application can be downloaded to any smart phones with Android, Symbian and Blackberry Operating Systems. The company has an intention of finding a solution for non smart phone users also, i.e. you can expect an equal application for ordinary phones also from it. For Delhi regions, the downloading is free of cost and other states of the country can avail the service with the yearly subscription amount of Rs. 100. I don’t think why people won’t go for it, when they ready to spend on added services like, music, jokes and other entertainments. Currently, the company is busy in discussing “Fight Back”, with BPOs, colleges and various companies where women engaged, and also with telecom operators and NGOs to promote and improve the service. So a mobile phone is never more restricted for communication, information and entertainment alone, your phone becomes your guardian of rescue, with a press of a “danger button” it will fetch you immediate help from the near sources. This is the must for everyone, especially for women who are not aware of the lurking dangers in the form of rogues around us. And a leading talk is going on with the government too, to achieve a maximum benefit of this new invention.  As it’s not possible for the government to come and attend the each individual at the time of danger, but surely it can make a change and cut down the crime rates, by promoting this service to reach everyone that will eventually change the grey scenario we live in.

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