Lytro Camera with Revolutionary Design available in India

The Lytro Camera showcase a totally different design that somebody’s who spots this device at first sight would not get the camera image. This camera resembles a tiny thick candle with shades of more of red and lesser of black. This camera is currently available in India. The Lytro 11-Megaray Light field camera as the name goes, has the capacity to capture images that absorbs light rays traveling in all directions. This camera is offered in 8GB version and 16GB priced at Rs. 39,999 and 47,999 respectively. The 8GB model is rolled out in shades of Electric Blue or Graphite white, and 16GB is offered in only the ‘Red Hot’ option. Lytro Cameras As mentioned, Lytro cameras function by capturing images that take in rays of light in all directions. The advantage of this camera is after capturing images along with light, the user can refocus pictures even after capturing images. Lytro cameras is revered for its refocus technology, where users can modify images once captured, by just clicking on the computer screen, which enables the user to set the image to their preferred choice. The ability of the camera to capture images from many angles can be contributed to the insertion of microlens array which is a special sensor that fits many lenses in a compact area.  After capturing image of a source, the image can be visualised on the computer, where users can modify images by enlarging or shortening and even add life to still images. The Lytro camera showcases a new era in camera technology, for those curious the main brain behind the formulation of this camera is Ren Ng, the Chief Executive of Lytro. He worked on the technology and design of this device since 2006, when finalizing his Ph.D. thesis at Stanford University that also branded him with the prestigious Best Doctoral Dissertation in Computer Science from the Association of Computing Machinery.

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