Loop Mobile Subscribers To Access Reply all SMS Service

Mumbai-based telecom firm Loop Mobile and  India’s largest SMS network SMS GupShup have partnered to launch the ‘Reply All SMS’ service. This will enable Loop Mobile subscribers to simultaneously communicate with multiple people using SMS. This partnership has made the options of CC and Reply-all available on mobile phones now. Any Loop Mobile subscriber can create a Group of up-to seven friends including himself. This Group is assigned a dedicated shortcode by SMS GupShup. Members on the group can send messages to this shortcode to communicate with each other. The messages reach all members of the group at the same time and if anyone replies, the reply too reaches all members of the group. Loop Mobile subscribers can also invite friends from other operators to the group. Every message to the shortcode is charged at a price of 50 paise per message. Through this service, a Loop Mobile subscriber can start a conversation by sending the following message to 555999: CHAT 98210xxxxx 98200xxxxx 92235xxxxx (where 98210xxxxx etc. are the numbers of the friends, who may be on any operator network). The service works on every handset, across operators, and requires no data connectivity or software download. This service is currently being offered free of cost to all Loop Mobile users till the 30th June 2010, after which users will be charged 50 paise for every message sent to the group.

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