Lookout Mobile Security App that fights Hacks

With the increase in new websites and apps there is an increase in threat and viruses. There is a requirement to protect your mobile as it is imperative to protect your system. Security apps for your phone not only provide protection against threats but also keeps a track of your phone and deletes unwanted data. Lookout Mobile Security app offers many interesting features that protect your device. Lookout Mobile Security App Lookout underwent extensive clinical trials and is now designed with a modest appeal with a similar style trend of social networking sites. The homepage in this app resembles news feed that delivers information on the activities of the app. There are notifications that will signal when required. When the top half of the screen is occupied by the ticker, a list of features emerges such as Security, Backup, Missing Device, Safe Browsing and Privacy Advisor at the bottom half. The user can click on the features to determine the status and perform some actions. The menu bar can be accesses from the top right hand corner. From the menu bar the user can access Setting, Account information and even the share app option. When you click on settings you can browse through options of main features where you can even scan, schedule backup and manage other settings. Lookout Mobile Security is designed with robust features that protects your mobile at all times. The app functions to perfection just like other mobile security tools with the option of data backup. The Lookout app allows the user to back up photos and call history which can be accesses when you buy the app. The user can access the backed up data from Lockout website using login details on your system. In case of emergencies the user can also store the data to your device. The Lookout app provides abundant security, it can actually scan the installed apps and gather related data such as memory usage, cache and all the data fitted in the app. The data can be accesses through Privacy Advisor which will separate the apps into categories such as access location information, read identity info, access messages, contacts and so on. The user can visualise these apps in all the categories mentioned and then view details for individual apps. If the user is not comfortable with a particular app you can press stop or uninstall the app.

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