Lookout Mobile Security App: Making Your Most Valued Portable More Secure

Security software is of prime importance since we download many apps and attract cookies from browsing sites or streaming media. These leave security threats on our mobile phones, just like on the PC. A lot more effort goes into protecting our PC compared to our mobiles. Most users are not even conscious of the extent of damage and the vulnerability our mobiles experience. It is advisable to add on a good anti-threat, security software to phones to protect it from online threats, and even threats that may creep in through transfers between devices. Some security software’s even bring you features such as deletion of sensitive data when the phone gets into adverse hands. Lookout Mobile Security app comes with a catena of remarkable features to enhance the safety and prolong the healthy life of your mobile. Lookout Mobile Security app Lookout went through a series of User Interface changes, to finally settle on one similar in look, style and appeal to social networking sites. The homepage is basically news feed zone that with all the information concerning activities conducted by the apps. Notifications requiring your attention will also pop up on the homepage, making the homepage complete. Features like Security, Missing Device, Safe Browsing, Backup, and Privacy Advisor occupy the lower portion of the screen. Options for changing settings, adding account information, etc. can be found on the right hand top corner. Ancillary options from these options include scheduling a scan, scheduling backup, and other settings. You can also backup your data including contacts, call history and photos, among other details. Additional charges to upgrade to premium may be required to backup additional data. Lookout scans the apps already installed or due to be installed on your device and gives you all relevant data including data of the app itself, like the memory usage, and all supplementary access routes which other apps may use through these apps. You can access all this data via Privacy Advisor. Lookout also has options to trace your lost phone through your PC using a Scream feature, which needs to be remotely activated, and which will generate a high pitched sound that will lead you to your stolen or misplaced device.  This feature works even if the mobile is on silent. Signal Flare is another feature that records the last location of your phone before the battery runs dry. Apart from these, remote access through the features of Lookout allows you to control, manage and delete data on your mobile. Safe Browsing feature allows for screening of websites when browsing, on your device. It affords protection from phishing, malicious, and other harmful sites. This feature is limited to only stock Android and Chrome browser. At the outset this app is good and gives requisite security against threats. It also deters theft when the function is enabled. Features like Remote Lock and remote access after buying premium increase the security of your mobile. Lookout Mobile Security is available for Android and iOS. The iPhone app has more features remote calling, Wi-Fi security scan, and etc., but in all other respects the features on both are the same. The iPhone app is free however. For Android there is the free version as well as the premium version which will cost about Rs 1,638/- for a year.
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