Living with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for 7 days: Day 7

Today’s the end of my 7-day affair with Galaxy Tab 2. In true sense, it changed a lot of ways I use and interact with my gadgets and I’m certainly going to miss it. But, as they say ‘all good things come to an end’, so is my review today and my experiment of using a tablet in day to day life.

Galaxy Tab 2 box

Summing it up

Before, I go further, I request you to read my previous days experience of using this tablet from here:

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During these 6 days, I tried to cover most of the aspects of the tablet both from the perspective of a gadget reviewer as well as a normal person using it for some work on daily basis. And, I must say, I am quite impressed by Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. It’s neither comparable to beautifully designed 10-inch tablets like iPad, nor to powerful 7-inch tablets like Nexus 7, or even to mighty smartphones, but between them Galaxy Tab 2 finds a sweet spot of its own. It has almost all the features which a tablet buyer would be seeking for and that too at an enticing price.

One more factor that made me like this tablet is its battery. I deliberately didn’t talked about its battery earlier, because I wanted to test out all of the tablet’s capability before commenting about its battery  life. Having a big 4000 mAh battery inside Galaxy Tab 2 is a huge plus, for normal usage it can easily run for 1.5 days. Even if one uses it for browsing, watching videos, playing games, etc., it will easily last for a day. This is a lot better than other Android devices, which hardly lasts a day and that too with bare minimal usage.

Galaxy Tab 2 home screen


When I started my 7 day-long testing with Galaxy Tab 2, my only question was how it will fit into my gadget mix of an Android smartphone and a laptop? And, whether or not it can replace them?

I got the answer to my question during this period itself. The tablet fits perfectly into my gadget mix by falling exactly in between a smartphone and a laptop. While it didn’t replaced them, still it drastically reduced my dependence on them. Whenever needed I can use it as a spare phone for calling or messaging purposes. Plus, having a SIM-card slot is a very good thing as I don’t need to find Wi-Fi network everywhere for connecting the tablet to the Internet. I can also check emails, use social networks, view documents and do minor edits, read news, listen to music, watch videos and perform many more such tasks with the tablet which earlier I can only do through a laptop or sometimes on phone. I remember, few years ago (to be exact during 2007-2008), there was a huge craze for netbooks (mini laptops with screen-size of usually 10-inches) amongst business-men and students who needed laptop for basic purposes like emailing, internet surfing and occasional entertainment. They were also pretty useful for use during travelling due to their portability and good battery backup. I can see that this space is now easily taken over by Tablets,since they can perform all such basic tasks and can be carried more easily. In my personal experience, there was no need to open laptop for simple tasks and the tablet offered such a delightful feeling that I tried to find excuses to use it.

But, all this doesn’t means that the tablet is perfect, its weight is still a problem, which I’ve highlighted during my use in previous days experience. Typing on default keyboard is also very slow, much better idea is to use an Android app like Thumb keyboard, which has keys spaced out in such a way that you can easily type through your thumbs. Also, carrying the tablet in hand is very inconvenient as it tends to be slippery when hands are sweaty, getting a good tablet pouch would be a good idea which can also double up as tablet protector.

Entirely it has been a great experience using a tablet for the first time in my regular usage and I definitely that think tablets are the way to the future.

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