LiveMedia To Strengthen BSNL’s Marketing Thrust

State-run BSNL is now partnering with LiveMedia to strengthen its marketing thrust in rural, semi-urban and urban markets across the country. Under this alliance, LiveMedia, a pioneer of the concept of digital destination media, will show BSNL’s advertisements on its screens. These advertisements have been specially developed to give a boost to the marketing of BSNL services in the areas of mobile telephony, 3G, Live TV, CDMA Wireless phones and 3G data cards. Rajan Mehta, chief executive officer, LiveMedia, informed, ” LiveMedia’s network spans over 2500 locations through 5000 screens spread over 80 cities, towns and rural centres and addresses over 50 million footfalls in a month. BSNL advertisements can be seen running in rural locations like ITC Choupal Sagaars, Hariyali Kisan Bazaars, etc. where LiveMedia has placed high quality LCD screens.” The start-up company currently runs over 15 different branded programmes, including such hits as Humour Live, Dhakkan’s Diary, Yo Mousi, Kittty & Witty, Mr. Wise, Horoscope, Music Live, Trivia Live and Fashion Live. Each of these has a growing set of loyal viewers and is extremely popular and widely talked about. Many of these programmes have been adapted to vernacular languages in rural areas. “The proprietary, custom-developed, innovative content pioneered by LiveMedia is built on the three pillars of ‘Engage, Entertain and Educate’. Overall, our emphasis has been on having a humour-rich content that is designed to enhance the attention span of viewers. Our content makes LiveMedia an appropriate medium for advertisers seeking to target those who are thin users of traditional media. Studies have established that viewers spend an average of 30 minutes before a LiveMedia screen. This gives ample time for advertising messages to register with viewers.”

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