List of new features in Windows Phone 8 OS – codename Apollo

Microsoft is busy with the finishing touches for Windows 8 OS and platform. The current mobile operating system Windows Mango 7.5 is also slated for an upgrade to Windows Phone 8 OS – codename Apollo. Apparently, a video describing the new features of Windows 8 Apollo meant for Microsoft’s smartphone partners has some landed up in the hands of mobile news website! Pocketnow has duly published a blog post detailing the features that can be expected in Windows Phone 8 Apollo [source]


Hardware Improvements

* Support for multi-core processors.
* Support for higher screen resolutions [a total of 4 new resolutions are allowed now. The details of the new resolutions aren’t available]
* Support for removable SD Card storage.
* Support for NFC [Near field communications]

Windows 8 Integration

* Windows Phone 8 Apollo will share many common components and software stacks. This allows developers to port applications easily from pc version to mobile version
* Windows 8 will also feature metro-style tiles interface.
* NFC will allow tap-to-share capabilities between all windows 8 devices.
* Skydrive [cloud storage] will have seemless connectivity across all windows 8 devices.

Application ecosystem

* Windows app market place to reach 100,000 mobile apps.
* Native code support
* App-to-App communication
* Better camera and skype.

Data Management

* Datasmart – reduces data usage and simplifies the data usage tracking
* Wi-Fi precedence – Wi-Fi connections will take over whenever a valid wi-fi connections are available.
* Local Scout – allows real-time location of wifi hotspots.
* Microsoft might bring in proxy server to feed pages to internet explorer 10 in a faster fashion. Will employ server-side compression!

Business Support

* BitLocker encryption – support for 128 bit encryption

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