LG unveils a trendy accessory dubbed as the Quick Window Case

LG has given a slight peek of a G2 dedicated accessory, popularly known as the Quick Window Case which will serve the requirement of a case/cover. Though it shares a high resemblance with the Samsung’s Smart View Cover, it possesses certain add on functions that takes it a step ahead of the Smart View Cover. lg-g2-smartview-coverSamsung’s S View cover is bounded to display only the the time and alerts. While LG has outperformed  Samsung’s accessory by offering various widgets for a clock, weather report, alarm, music player, incoming phone calls and text messages. The Case is equipped with a window display and allows the user to receive every major notification or update without even opening the cover. Quick Window Case works in favor of battery conservation as is not activated all the time. It comes into the power mode by just swiping a finger on the open window. This case will be available in 7 vibrant colors, including  pink, black, white, purple, yellow, mint and blue. The cases will be rolled out simultaneously with the launch of LG G2 on August 7 in New York. This case has the potential to play a dual role of guarding the device and providing functionality to the user.

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