LG Tone+ Bluetooth Wireless Headset – A Quick Look

If you are on the lookout for a new set of trendy and functional headset, then the new LG Tone+ Bluetooth Wireless Headset may be the answer to your search. LG has revealed its next generation Bluetooth headset that can support Voiceover LTE (VoLTE) calls that offer a higher-definition sound when making as well as receiving hands-free conversations. The LG Tone+ (HBS-730) headset is as upgraded version of the original LG Tone and with LTE providing the basis for HD calling. The brand has tweaked the headset in order to make it capable of all these benefits. Moreover, along with its VoLTE capabilities LG has also extended the bass register. On the other hand the implementation of an aptX audio codec has been included in order to ensure a more crisp and clear sound when streaming music over the internet. lg-tone-wireless-bluetooth-stereo-headsetLG Tone+ Bluetooth Headset Features and Specifications: The LG Tone+ is armed with a whole array of great features, which includes the Bluetooth Multi-connection function. The LG Tone+ can also be connected to two smartphones simultaneously or to a smartphone and any other multimedia device at the same time. Its enhanced Audible Pairing Assistance feature shows the connection status when another device is connected, while its vibrating call alert notifies the user of all the incoming calls. The other two noteworthy features such as the Audible Battery Status Alert and Mic Mute option have also been included in this wonderful device. Finally, it also features the BT Reader, which is one of LG’s own Android applications. This feature monitors the incoming SMS and reads them out to the headset, which means that you get all the information without even glancing at your smartphone. The talk and standby capacity of the LG Tone+ have been increased to 15 and 500 hours respectively, which is really great. This amazing device will be available in Korea, the United States as well as China.

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