LG Tab-Book Windows 8 slider spotted on Amazon

LG Tab-Book Windows 8 slider has been spotted selling on Amazon.com. The device is the latest product from LG in its next generation PCs 2013 lineup. The device which is a combination of a Tablet and a Notebook will be officially launched in CES 2013 event in Las Vegas. LG_Slider LG Tab-Book H160 is a compact device that sports 11.6 inch diagonal touch screen IPS display and runs on Windows 8 and is powered by Intel Atom Z 2760 Clover Trail processor. Windows 8 provides efficient performance and is easily compatible with IPS display. Its impressive display provides an enhanced viewing experience. Its powerful processor offers fast computing experience and fast boot up. Its QWERTY keyboard comes with unique slide out feature. The keyboard comes in Korean as well as English model. The Tablet is available in White color. It does not offer touch-pad feature on its keyboard. With CES 2013 approaching, there is a stiff competition amongst smartphone manufacturers to present the best of their products and the Korean manufacturer LG expects to make a mark in this mega event with its LG Tab- Book H160. The Tablet has 15.99mm length and a thickness of 0.6inches. It weighs 1.05Kg and has Trendy looks. It has a Solid State Drive which which provides efficient management system of documents and data files. On the connectivity front it supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and it also has a micro SD slot. LG Tab-Book Windows 8 slider is being shipped from South Korea.

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