LG Optimus Vu with S Pen First Impression

LG has been a forerunner in the smartphone category, the company has rolled out Android phones earlier with the Optimus One P500 being extremely popular. LG has now introduced the Optimus Vu to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note. The Optimus is designed with supreme features to match a smartphone or even a phablet. lg-optimus-vu-2-updatec.com Optimus Vu is designed with 4:3 aspect ratio, to acquire a strong hold on the phone you would have to stretch your hands to get a firm grip. The dexterity quotient of this phone is low that there are chances of the phone slipping from the users hands. Even in your pockets, the user should ensure that the phone is intact without holes to slip out. The phone is pretty heavy at 168g. The phone is equipped with 5-inch HD-IPS display without an HD resolution. The resolution is decent at 1024×768 on large screen but not as powerful as the 4X HD from LG designed with a 4.7-inch screen. The Optimus Vu is delivered with Android 4.0.4 and LG’s own Optimus UI. The UI here is as powerful as the 4X HD which is extremely simple to use. The interesting element of this phone is the new lockscreen is decked with animation in the notification tab where you can even edit or touch the character and replace them with your desired character. The colourful icon set and layout is not very appealing. The LG Optimus view is tailored with QuickMemo app which functions by just pressing the shortcut key on top which transforms you to the screen or to the notepad. There is also a choice between pen styles, colours, crop and tabs for email and so on. The stylus is sensitive and does not respond to pressure like the S Pen. This feature is incorporated to compete with Note. The Vu is rolled out with Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC to acquire four CPU scores and twelve GPU scores which makes this phone suitable for gaming with some interesting games for Tegra 3 SoC such as Dead Trigger.

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