LG Optimus One – the bestseller from LG

LG Electronics has sold one million LG Optimus One handsets within 40 days of launch. That’s pretty impressive figure especially on LG’s own standards. Optimus One is now the fastest selling mobile handset in LG’s history. In India, the handset is slated to be launched this week and expected to be priced at Rs. 13,000. LG announced about the 1 million mark in its recent press release LG-OPTIMUS-ONE-HITS-1-MILLION-SALES-WORLDWIDE500 LG Optimus One is a android 2.2 powered device (Froyo). There aren’t many froyo-powered devices in the market. Huawei would be launching IDEOS, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Spice mi-300, Olivepad, Dell streak are few devices powered by froyo. But most the froyo-powered devices that are launched or announced tend to be high-end devices such as tablets or smartphones with impressive hardware specs. The success of Optimus one might just due to Froyo and optimus one is one the first smartphone to be launched with Froyo. The underlying operating system provides you 3-times faster internet browsing, web-page loading and multi-tasking capabilities. Froyo comes with USB-tethering and wi-fi hotspot capabilities. The handset has some good specs such as 3.2 inch capacitative touchscreen with a resolution of 320×480 px. Comes with 3.2 mp camera with auto-focus. Has a battery of 1500mAH and offers HSDPA 3G capability of 7.2mbps. GPS-Enabled and wi-fi enabled. Optimus one comes with range of colour choices such as black, wine, blue, titan, silver and purple. This is definitely a great news for LG and Optimus one is well on its way to become one of the best sellers. We will track the launch and keep you posted. Official website of LG Optimus one

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